They know we will pay anything they can think of

Anyone have any idea how long ago Hifi manufacturers discovered we (audiophiles) will pay almost anything chasing our perfect sound? I individualized it because each of us are reaching for our own personal nirvana. You can go to any audio show, see someone point to a piece of equipment and ask the price. Out comes a price you know the rep made up while sitting in his office wondering how much he can ask those sick people to pay. We know advertising, manufacturing, and overhead is relatively expensive but we also know that the asking price should take care of that if he sells maybe 4 or 5 of them all year. Knowing that I have paid quite a bit for equipment over the years that I knew I shouldn't have but did anyway.


you can get a great system for $5,000.   S. Stone reviews lots of low cost stuff...

Sounds to me like the OP wants a $22,000 preamp for $1,200 . I would like a Bentley for the price of a Kia, but that's not how the world works. 

 @frankmc195  I have learned here that price is an almost irrelevant consideration for a true audiophile.  Anytime anyone has questioned what they think is an absurdly high price for equipment, they typically get shouted down for daring to question how another person spends their money.  There are people here that have $100,000 or more in their equipment and listening room — more than 10 times what I have in my system.  Far be it from me to question how they spend their money — if ya got it, flaunt it.  I’ve always been a “bang-for-buck” person with limited funds and a budget.  I can’t spend 10 times what I do to listen to music, but bless those who can.  I understand the premise of your question, as I often think the same, but I dare not question anyone here about their choices . . . even though some will question, even scoff, at a person whose budget is limited and their choices reflect that.  I still glean some useful information here, though it is still a question of whose version of reality you prefer to believe.  Take care. 

@invalid I really didn't want to say this at all but what made me think of it was that the preamp didn't sound good and I was wondering if the rep thought he could get that kind of money for a preamp that wasn't very good. There is also a much advertised speaker that is along the same lines.... doesn't sound very good but asking price is nose bleed high. They have been in business for years so I guess that strategy may work. Again could be my opinion and also because someone is buying them I guess.

I think some reps and or manufacturers have slipped into the discussion but that is what it is far.... get both sides of the picture.

@waytoomuchstuff makes sense and does give me a clearer picture of what all is involved. Clearer heads always prevail.