They know we will pay anything they can think of

Anyone have any idea how long ago Hifi manufacturers discovered we (audiophiles) will pay almost anything chasing our perfect sound? I individualized it because each of us are reaching for our own personal nirvana. You can go to any audio show, see someone point to a piece of equipment and ask the price. Out comes a price you know the rep made up while sitting in his office wondering how much he can ask those sick people to pay. We know advertising, manufacturing, and overhead is relatively expensive but we also know that the asking price should take care of that if he sells maybe 4 or 5 of them all year. Knowing that I have paid quite a bit for equipment over the years that I knew I shouldn't have but did anyway.


by all means allow me to recommend a preamp and speaker to you so you can go out and buy them

Uh, not on your life dude. 

I think since you can't be taller or have better hair or be better looking, it's important to buy very expensive things and tell people about them as much as possible. Or, just go online and claim you have high end stuff so strangers will think you're smart and wonderful. Win win.

I remember the first time I realized it was possible to spend a million bucks on a two channel music system... Have you ever mentioned that to your non-audiophile friends and been met with disbelief? 

We will pay anything? No I am not in that group. I am not that financially blessed nor am I that ignorant and stupid.

Some of these companies do not sell a lot of units so they make a huge profit on each one.. it's like funeral homes you are paying for the days that they are closed