Thiel 03a speakers

I have a pair of Thiel 03a speakers and the top tweeter in both speakers are not working , but do work when out of speaker . Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong.




Cross-Over (XO) or internal Wiring?  If you do not have a local Audio repair shop, reach out and touch Mr.Rob Gillum at

This is the Thiel Audio Authorized Repair Center. Phone: 859.554.9790

Give him some time to reply, he is a 1-Man Operation. You can also post this query over on Thiel Owners thread.


Happy Listening!

I looked at the crossover today and l’m not getting any readings on any of the caps on the tweeter circuit so does that mean they are all bad or something feeding them. All the others are getting readings going to the mid and woofer and some are the exact same caps. I don’t know much to how these function.