Thiel 2.4 Speakers & Krell KAV - 300iL

I currently have Thiel 2.4 speakers driven by a Krell KAV - 300iL. I don't think this integrated amp is sufficient for these speakers. I've considered adding an amp to remedy the problem, but not sure I want to spend the money. I've contemplated replacing the Thiels, the Krell, or both instead. I'm not sure what I could get for either component or what to buy as replacements. Sorry to make this so open ended, but I would appreciate any insights you may have as I consider these options.  Thanks!


I have a pair of 2.4s. They dip into the 2 ohm range so it is important be stable down low. I don’t think they are too power hungry but they have a rising treble on axis. I found EQing down 2db from 8k up really helped the speaker. 

the best sound I got out of my thiels when I used them in my main system was on a McIntosh 462 off the 2ohm tap. The 2 ohm tap softens the highs and really balanced the speaker. The 4 and 8 ohm tap were too bright imo. 

The Thiel CS 2.4’s don’t just dip below 4 Ohms, they live there from 100 Hz on. The KAV 300 il might have a Krell logo, but does’nt behave like typical Krells into such impedances, it’s only rated down to 4 Ohms. The Thiel CS 2.4’s are better suited to amplifiers that can output at least 400 Watts into 2 Ohms, and in most applications I’d suggest double that.


The CS 2.4 is a honey of a Loudspeaker. Feel free to join Us over on the Thiel Owners thread.  Season's Greetings.


Happy Listening!

@jafant I completely share your love of Thiel speakers.  In fact, the CS1.5 paired with a Pass Aleph 3 was integral to getting me back into audio.  Later I was fortunate to be able to review the 1.6es and got to speak with Jim directly about the design, and it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve gotten from this hobby.  But, sadly he’s one of my biggest disappointments as he was pivotal to the company yet apparently put in place no succession plan for his wonderful company.  What transpired after his death was an absolute tragedy in the world of audio IMHO.  I miss Jim, I miss Thiel, and I think he made some of the best and most iconic speakers ever produced.  His little CS1.6 to this day remains one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard in my system.  Its ability to throw off a palpable 3D soundstage was almost spooky, and I would’ve loved to have heard what he would’ve produced today.  Sigh.