Thiel 3.7 vs Dynaudio C4

My friend listened to my Thiel 3.7 system, and liked it very much. He wants me to compare 3.7 with C4. He may choose between these two speakers. But I am not familiar with C4, and it's hard to compare these two speakers side by side. If it happens you are familiar with both, can you please give me 2 cents? Thank you in advance.
If you question the Thiels then you must not be satisfied,sell em to me cheap and get the bew Wilsons and be done with in
I can understand his questioning the Theils to be honest,I would rather have Dyns or Wilson any day and pass at the 3.7s, even if cheap.
Agree, room size is one of the important criteria in determining which speaker is appropriate for that room.
with the right room size and proper speaker matching, that system should sound good.
Everything else is a matter of preference.
I really don't understand how you can compare C4 to Thiel 3.7 when you have not auditioned. You are going to give your friend a comparison for purpose of making a purchase based on what strangers are telling you? You stated that you have listened to Evidence and temptation and like the Thiel better. Evidence and Temptation are arguably better than the C4 so why not give your friend the comparison on based on this experience? Better yet just tell your friend to go listen to the C4 and make his own decision.