Thiel and Halo JC1's speaker cables

Hello Guys,

Actually I feed my Thiel CS2.4 with two Parasound Halo JC1's via 8ft. Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval.
Well , I'm quite happy about the result but I think I should search for a speaker cable with huge gauge more than the 9 awg. of the Big Silver Oval.
A guy offered me 8ft. Cardas Golden Reference that should carry more amperes since big gauge compared to Big Silver Ovals.
I think JC1's require huge cables to shoot their incredible amount of amperes to drive speakers.

Do you have some other valid suggestions?
Have you already tried speaker cables about 8 or 6 awg.or even less?
Which brands?

Thanks in advance to everyOne!
and Merry Christmas to Audiogon Staff and Users
It is not all about speaker gauge. I use Supra Sword, and it was a big step up from the regular oval 8's running a pair of Magnepan 1.6qr.
I haven't heard the Halos. With that said, I really like the Alpha-Core Goertz MI3's with Thiels. Alpha-Core uses Thiels and Thiel use Alpha-Core. I have had good results with Straightwire and WireWorld speaker cables with Thiels too.
Alpha-Core Goertz MI3's should be about 7awg. not bad, my Analysis Plus Big Silver Ovals are 9awg.
Thanks Guys .. I'm now trying the Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables and I'm finding them perfect to match Halo JC1's with Thiel CS 2.4 , very good mids and highs and absolutely first quality low freq.