Thiel CS 2.2 Speakers... What you all think?

So I'm putting together a system and there are some  Thiel CS 2.2 speakers in mint condition for $800 in my area. What do you all think of the speakers and the price? I really appreciate the feedback and any considerations I may have for them. I have an Outlaw 5 channel amp and a Marantz pre-amp. Currently running some Klipsch Heresy II speakers. 

Would these be a great upgrade? TY to the community for helping me.
Personally, I do not think so. What kind of upgrade ( s ) are you looking for ? What do you like, and dislike, about the Heresy 2s ? What are your room dimensions, and how do you have the speakers set up relative to your listening seat ? What music do you listen to most of the time ( favorite kinds ) ? As your amp is a 5 channel unit, is this a combination audio and video system ? What are your sources ( cd, streaming, vinyl, radio ) ? How loud do you like to play the system ? Is the room a dedicated listening / entertainment room ? Do you have any acoustical room treatments ? Those are enough questions for now. Enjoy ! MrD.
Mr Decibel, thanks for the response. I haven't really listened to the Heresy's yet. I just got them and I'm moving into a new home. I listen to a variety of music. A lot of classical, new wave and metal. Yes a big cross section of music. My condo is 1100 sq feet. Not very big but pretty big for San Francisco. I just want crisp, full sound. Punchy bass but not muddy or overwhelming bass. I have a turn table, cassette deck and then streaming from Google Music.

Do you not think the Thiels aren't big upgrades and I should give the Klipsch a bigger opportunity? 
Big Thiel Audio fan here. If you can audition the CS 2.2 prior to purchase-go for it!  If you enjoy the presentation and sound of the 2.2, seek out a pair of CS 2.4 loudspeakers. The 2.4 will give a crisper, fuller sound while still punchy in the Bass.  Happy Listening!
My first Thiels were the 2.2s and I consider them the best audio bargain I've ever gotten.  I think you should at least try them.  I don't know how they compare to the Heresys but they are great for the money.  Slightly warm, punchy, smooth, and sound great in a typical room.  
It depends on what you are after and what your preferences are... For me,  yes, its is an upgrade,  BUT I would put a high current, smooth & detailed amp on them to make them sing.  The Thiel are a fairly consistent 4 ohm load and 86db sensitivity.  They need power. I haven't seen curves on the Heresy II, but they are rated at 8 ohm & 99db sensitivity. So,  no matter what the Heresy's should be very quick, dynamic speakers. Once you have excellent dynamics,  it is hard to go back.... But the Thiels set up properly for me with a High Current amplifier will sound more like music than the Klipsch.  On the other hand,  with the right tubed amp,  the Klipsch do what they do, extremely well.  So, I am saying alot depends on your taste and the associated equipment.  
I enjoyed owning a pair of Thiels for a few years, close to 30 yr ago. The imaging was excellent, as was the lack of overhang. I did find them a little bright or emphasized in the high frequencies. The measurements of the CS 2 2 by John Atkinson show a rising response in the treble, and he noted they could sound bright. So I'd advise you to read the linked review carefully to see if the speakers are likely to appeal to you, long-term. They are fine speakers, yet the rising FR can be a problem for some listeners (it was for me).
Cornwall and CS2.3 owner, apples and salmon comparison.....but first, get moved into your condo and listen to what you have BEFORE upgrading into what ????
also, I would be very inclined to buy Jim Smiths book - Get Better Sound, that will help you get the most out of anything you buy in your room.
enjoy the music !!!!!
Having lived with the 2.2s for a long time I have to say that they aren't remotely bright.  I'm not an Atkinson hater at all but he doesn't know how to measure Thiels.  The first-order crossovers make them harder to measure.  There may be some Thiel models that are on the bright side but the 2.2s are not among them.  At $800 the 2.2s are an obscene bargain.
I've been running Thiel 2 2's (no decimal point...) for 25 years without the slightest urge to "upgrade." Whenever I hear other speakers that I think sound "really good," I come back to the Thiels and realize they they're as good or better.

That said, some things to note. As other have observed, the Thiels DO require a top quality high-current amp that can drive their low impedance. I drive them with a Classé CA-200 (Kimber cables). It's a match made in audio heaven. Also, my listening room is relatively small and very well damped. I use a now classic actively crossed over Mirage sub with them, and the result is a system that is essentially flat, and coherent, from 20Hz on up (Thiels by themselves roll off in the low 40's). Positioning is important, too. Away from walls, NOT toed in and in an equilateral triangle with the listening position. They're not too bright at all, but it's all there, and they're a joy to listen to.

So it depends. YMMV. In the wrong room with the wrong amp, there'll be no satisfaction. But, heck, @ $800? A screaming bargain. Spend your savings on a good amp.
25 years with the same speaker?  That's remarkable.  What are you even doing on a site like this?  ;-)
@prof. "What are you even doing on a site like this?" Not much, actually. I get Audiogon's e-mails. I'll sometimes notice a topic of interest and will occasionally toss in my 2¢. Thiel 2 2s are of interest. Balanced AC and active monitors are others.
I owned Theil 2.2's back in the 90's.
I went through quite a few speakers, including Maggies, Alon's, and Dynaudio.
The Theil's were my favorite and after I got them I had no urge to upgrade. Owned them for 15 years.
At the time they were 2,800.00 and worth every penny.

The Theil sound fit my taste for outstanding detail and imaging. 
I drove them with a Conrad Johnson Premier, 7a at 70 tube watts per side.
They are capable of prodigious bass. The Connie J wasn't able to bring that aspect out, but the mids were glorious!
That was 20 some odd years ago. These days solid state amps have improved, so I would recommend a high current solid state amp. 
If clear mid range, crisp treble and outstanding imaging are what you value in a speaker you will nor be disappointed with the 2.2's
Oh, the build quality and finishing are first rate.
I had 3.6's....a fan of Thiel.  Too bad it went away.   Thiel is a transparant speaker...  If you have good components, it will reward, but will also reveal warts.
Welcome! Are you currently out of our hobby? If so, would love to see your return to Thiel Audio loudspeakers.  Happy Listening!
Hi Jfant & all,
Thanks for the welcome.
I have always been into mid /  higher end audio.
We've moved a few times in the past few years, So gradually have been downsizing.
 We're moving to N.C. next month, so I recently sold off my system consisting of Rogue Audio Sphinx amp, and Totem Rainmaker speakers. My source for the last few years has been high rez. computer audio files. At one time i owned around 3000 vinyl albums (VPI HW19 Mk. IV, Morch 7 arm, Benz Micro Grasshopper cartridge) and several hundred CD's. (Esoteric Audio transport and DA converter),
That's when I had the Thiel's and C.J. along with Convergent Audio Pre amp. I got out of the hobby for a few years and sold that stuff. 
I just recently got into headphones (Grado GS1000, Focal Utopia, Quad ERA 1, Linear Tube Audio Micro Zotl amp, Audo-GD DAC, Synergistic Research cables). 
So a thumbnail sketch of my audio history.
After we settle in N.C. I'll probably be looking for a speaker based system again. Thanks for the welcome.
" 25 years with the same speaker? That's remarkable. What are you even doing on a site like this? ;-) "

Good question! Had to laugh because I've had my Mirage M3si speakers for 23 years and I'm in no hurry to upgrade. I also have had my Krell gear (KRC 2, KSA 300S) for the same amount of time. I've been to two audio shows in the last two years (AXPONA, Tampa) and I've been pleasantly surprised that my system compares very well to much of the new gear I heard. Granted, I have upgraded my analogue and digital front ends several times but my core system stands the test of time.

As for the OP, when I bought my speakers I had narrowed it down to 2 models, the Mirages and the Thiel 2 2. IMO the Thiel is perfect for a mid size SF condo and buying a nice pair for $800 is a low risk purchase. They sound beautiful, they aren't too big, they have a nice sculpted appearance, and they are fairly forgiving of placement. If you hate them you can probably resell them for the same price. I agree with the advice to get good quality SS amplification because those speakers are quite inefficient (about the same as my Mirages).
I am not surprised that all of the Thiel lovers are here, as the title of the thread does not mention Klipsch Heresy. As the largest Klipsch Heritage junkie ( there are another 1 or 2 here ), on the 'Gon, I will say this. A few simple mods to the Heresy, with a warm ss amp, and / or of course, tubes, can, and will, get you a lot of real nice, fun, " lifelike " music reproduction, that for the price ( free in this case ), and size, should not be taken lightly. Almost 70 years of manufacture, and the Heresy continues to be popular, many going over seas. Parts are available, upgrades are available, and folks like me are available...…………, without getting into a debate as to which I prefer, I simply wish the op success and happiness with his audiophile endeavors, and will only comment, from here on in, if I am asked. Enjoy ! MrD.
Mrdecibel, I appreciate you writing me and I'd love to hear more on how to make my Heresy 2 sound great. I played them recently through my old Onkyo receiver and a cheap turntable I inherited and the sound was a bit muddy. 

I really think I need to buy a integrated amp or pre-amp at this point to go along with my Outlaw Amp. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get to go along with my power amp and Klipsch speakers? I'm also still considering buying the Thiels but I'd really like to hear exactly what they Heresy 2's can do before I do that.

So you will love the cs 22. The components to drive them must be well matched as well as the music you play on them. Not to say all music isn't played well. It's just that these speakers have a preference on what music they play best.

Coming to this discussion a bit late (is it better late than never?) I offer up an opinion and another question.

The setup: I have a pair of the Thiel CS 2 2s attached to my Krell KAV 300i. Both are 23 years old and still sound fabulous. After much research, I just purchased a used Krell Vanguard to replace the 300i. (I haven’t received it yet.) In addition, I recently replaced my Theta Miles CD player with a Bluesound Vault 2i and have loaded all of my CDs onto it (over 1000.) Note that I demoed the Vault against my CD player for several weeks before I purchased it, in addition to having many friends and family do blind testing between the Vault and the Miles CD player. The bottom line was that there was no discernible difference in sound quality. The advantage of having all types of access to all of my music at the touch of a finger is simply superb!

My opinion on the Thiels: I love their sound. They are killer when it comes to jazz, my favorite genre to listen to. They do fabulous with Baroque music, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, pop and easy listening. Classical music, large orchestral pieces, seem to be a step down in sound quality. (I am hoping it’s my amp and not the speakers; hence my buying the Vanguard. We shall see...)

My question: Has anyone out there paired the Thiel 2 2s speakers with the Krell Vanguard?


Feel free to join Us over on the Thiel Owners thread.
There are several fans of CS 2.2 loudspeaker on the Panel.

Happy Listening!
I love Thiel's, great speakers. My only concern would be if replacement drivers are still available.

I have to ask if you did pull the plug and actually purchase them.  Currently I run some Vandersteen 2CSI's but I had the opportunity to buy a set of Thiel 2.2's from someone who said he kept them in pristine condition for $500.  Here's the funny thing.  I had a friend pick them up as he's in San Francisco and I was going to pick them up from him when I visit my son in Silicon Valley but then, the pandemic hit and my son came back to where I am instead of staying in Silicon Valley and I have yet to drive down and pick up my speakers so not only have I never heard them but I've never actually seen them.  

I tend to believe the seller who told me that I overpaid him and when my friend showed up actually gave him more than what I was owed which I gave to my friend for picking them up.  I told him to go ahead and use them as they're so much better than what he has but he hasn't.  At any rate, I am still really looking forward to hearing them. 

I really like the Vandersteens but I was curious about the Thiels because I understand they have a better upper register.  I also have a custom amp and preamp which does much better on the higher register already so I'm worried it'll be too shrill.