Thiel CS 2.4 Amplifier Pairing

Was looking to purchase a pair of Thiel CS 2.4 to try.  My amplifiers are Yamaha MX-1 and Yamaha MX-1000.  Would this be a good match to use? I've read alot about Thiel speakers needing alot of power and many of the forum users have Classe, Krell, ML,amps, etc... The speakers I currently use are Elac Vela 403 BS and B&W 803 Nautilus in a 20x25 room.  Thiels are lengendary and the sound signature might not be for everyone but I would love to try them to hear them.  Cheers


The Thiel 2.4s are great speakers.  I've had a pair in my main rig since 2011.  The key is to have a true high current amp that can handle the fact that the speaker impedance falls to something less than 2.8 ohms at 600 hz (see the Stereophile review for John Atkinson's measurements).  I first drove them with a Bryston 3BST which was decent.  As of last year I've been using a Coda CSIB integrated amp, and it's an absolutely great match.  I suggest reaching out to Yamaha and getting a read at how well the Yamaha amps do with  nominally 4 ohm speakers with impedance that drops below 3 ohms.  The Thiel speakers are awesome, but the impedance curve is simply wicked.  They work best with an amp whose output continues to double down as you halve the impedance.



@jazzman7 , both Yamaha are 2ohm stable with no issues I believe. I just have not read any users with Yamaha amps on Thiel.  I would consider integrated but wasn't sure the power would be suffice.  Japanese usually don't carry the heft in sound like American amps.  

It’s a rare integrated that match up well with Thiel, and they do tend to be more expensive fare. (Other integrated amps that I had thought about included those from Krell, Ayre and BAT). With my Bryston 3BST at 125 watts into 8 and 200 into 4 music was very enjoyable. With my Coda, 150 into 8 (w/ first 18 in Class A), 300 into 4 and 600 into 2, there is a grip and ease which the 3BST can’t match.

@jazzman7 The Coda CSIB will move the Thiels with ease.given those specs.   Thanks for sharing your input.  Have you had any issues with the midrange driver needing replacement?