Thiel CS 2.4 Amplifier Pairing

Was looking to purchase a pair of Thiel CS 2.4 to try.  My amplifiers are Yamaha MX-1 and Yamaha MX-1000.  Would this be a good match to use? I've read alot about Thiel speakers needing alot of power and many of the forum users have Classe, Krell, ML,amps, etc... The speakers I currently use are Elac Vela 403 BS and B&W 803 Nautilus in a 20x25 room.  Thiels are lengendary and the sound signature might not be for everyone but I would love to try them to hear them.  Cheers


@jazzman7 The Coda CSIB will move the Thiels with ease.given those specs.   Thanks for sharing your input.  Have you had any issues with the midrange driver needing replacement?

I have owned a pair of Thiel 2.4 for over 15 years now and have had them on multiple amps. Currently they are in a second system my wife uses for TV and background music on some old Rotel mismatched gear.

Power is not the issue but the low impedance is. I think they actually dip down to 2 ohms in the bass. Any amp that doubles down the power at 2 ohm vs 4 is fine. Also the 2.4 have a bit of a rise in the treble on axis so try to use as little toe in as needed to get a good center image. Thiel often recommended no toe in but you need a pretty big room for that as they are a wide dispersion speaker and reflections can be an issue.

Really they are not hard to drive. I had them on a Marantz SR5005 for a few weeks which is a $800 receiver from early 2000s?!? (I needed an HDMI input) and honestly the bass was pretty slamming, Not kidding. It was a big open room to 27’x20’. All the fine details were bad and lost in the receiver though lol

I tried them with a few classD amps which I would not recommend. They were harsh in the highs and had midrange glare. Good bass though.

the best combo I personally used was in my main system on McIntosh MC462 on the 2ohm tap. It really softened up the speaker while still being dynamic. I could listen all day with no fatigue on the Mac.

At their current used prices they are a steel. When I went to replace them I demoed speakers in the $10,000 $15,000 range and had trouble bettering the old Thiels. I think their highs are a bit dated now. They lack air compared to some of the modern designs. Everything else is pretty great though.

No, I've never had a problem with the midrange drivers.  As far as I know my midrange drivers are original. I am not the original owner, and bought them from the same dealer that originally sold them when the original owner traded them in for Thiel 3.7s. When I bought them the speakers were 5 years old and in excellent condition and I’ve never had a problem with them. Prior to the Thiel 2.4s I had Thiel .5s in my main rig.



Good advice as above. Stay away from Class-D Power amp(s). Both Yamaha MX-1 and MX-1000 amps are 2-ohm stable. Give each a try. The CS 2.4 speaker is a Honey and very receptive. I 1st audition was on a Creek integrated amp at less than 100 wpc. This loudspeaker is not hard to drive. Feel free to join Us over on the

Thiel Owners thread. We have many CS 2.4 fans and owners on The Panel.


Happy Listening!