Thiel CS2

I just recieved a pair of Thiel CS2 speakers for a VERY good price and was looking for information, opinions, and comments on these speakers as I am not familiar with Thiel at all. Anyone with experience that would like to share would be appreciated. 
Type in "thiel owners" in the search box for the forums and you'll find jafant's thread that started in 2016.  It has become a good thread for Thiel owners to converse and share knowledge about the speakers and associated equipment that works well with them.
Amongst the most reliable and easy to drive of all Thiels. They do best with the typical Thiel recommended spacing. Though techincally amongst the easiest of all Thiels to drive, in practice it's a bit more challanging. Anything bright before them will be exposed, on the other hand the ported bass, though overall quite respectable, can be a bit soft.  With their 6 Ohm nominal / 5 Ohm mimimum 88 dB sensitivity they are not as current/power hungry as most other Thiels. They work best with amps with tight bass and soft highs and IMHO with mid hall perspective. That's not as easily found as might be expected, especially on the cheap.  Still high quality amps can be found reasonably. Though they can work with modestly powered 50-100 Watt p/c amps, they will demonstrate the benefits of added power up towards 250-300 Watts p/c. This might have been the Thiel speakers that had the most tube amp users. Despite many auditions I never felt that tubes did the bass right with them.YMMV!
I owned the CS2 from 1988-2014.  Honestly, never heard anything else, at any price, that made me want to "upgrade" until another Thiel model came through the door.  

You can read more about my impression at

Anyway, the combo I used with them was an Audio Research SP9 Mk. II hybrid tube preamp and a Mark Levinson No.27 power amp.  There seemed to be a lot of synergy with plenty of clean power. Never blew a single driver.  

Really enjoyed these speakers.

Very nice sounding and they have me wanting to try a newer model. I did not get alot of listening time as they had to be removed for the ever continuing construction project. I will be swapping them out soon. Does or hasThiel made a monitor? I would be interested on opinions on them. Jeff