THIEL CS3.7 Anyone heard them?

Has anyone heard the THIEL CS3.7? I read conflicting reviews regarding bass.
Some say well defined bass, some say need to add a sub? Can this be true?
Thank You Brownsfan. I will have to check out the slight timber issue. Who knows, I may not be able to hear it, good advice, thanks again
Honeybee, I'm really sensitive to timber issues, and the music I listen to only makes it worse. I'd much rather give up two octaves on the bottom end than be a micro smidgeon off on timber. The Thiels are good speakers. They may be just fine for your needs.
Brownsfan...that's interesting, as I heard the 3.7s a few times (I own the 2.4s) and think that one of the Thiel's fortes is timbral accuracy. The Thiels do require very high quality amplification to make them sound good, especially high current drive in the partnering amp (they are not easy speakers to drive). Do you mind my asking what amps they were partnered with when you heard them? There could have been an issue with the parntering electronics that could have caused you to perceive them to have timbral issues. should listen for yourself for sure to make up your own mind but be mindful that Thiels in general and the 3.7s as well will appreciate a very high quality amp (and preamp and front-end :-)) to drive them. Some other speakers are a little bit more forgiving of what is up the chain from them. The 3.7s however are so resolving that they will let you hear exactly how great or how poor the partnering electronics (and music) are.
Cmalak, The amplification was Electrocompaniet. Don't know the specific model. I heard the same front end followed by a Wilson/BAT audition in another room, followed by the Electrocompaniet/Thiel audition back in the first room. I did not hear any timber issues with the Magnepan/Electocompaniet audition. The issue wasn't huge, but there was just something not quite right especially compared to the Wilson Sophia 3's which I just loved. Those speakers were just dead on.