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I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

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Given you've expressed some reservations about spending too much on speaker cables, if you want to get off that merry-go-round you can always get professional, competently made cables by Beldon which will pass all the same electrons as the super expensive stuff.

I buy from Blue-Jean cables, the Belden 5000 series:

I use the 10-gauge 5T00UP as I have a pretty long speaker cable run.
Review with measurements (something you don't usually get for the high-end cables):

$22 for a pair. Think of all the money you'll save to put towards music....:-)

(BTW, if you want to talk expensive cables:  I've heard speakers I own hooked up to a variety of high end cables, up to  $30,000, and to my very picky ears they sounded no better than they did with the Belden cable).

I would like to thank jafant for going out of his way to offer his assistance. .

For all the 2.4SE owners , I learned that the crossovers used are more than just larger and higher quality capacitors,
Thiel re-tuned the entire crossover circuit .

For the 3.7 owners something that didn't happen ,
just before Thiel was sold they were working on a 3.7SE !

And for the project that I thought I could do with my 2.7s ,
I have discovered that my desire and enthusiasm were way ahead of my knowledge of the speaker cabinet construction , making the proposed project much more difficult and possibly damaging .
I will not risk removing the woofer .
Not that I'm unhappy with the sound of the speakers.
Oh well , I'll work on my Carver SA/D 490T CD player.

I have used BlueJean Cables and I too ordered the 10 guage speaker wire and used their interconnects, sounded great for a great price.
Then moved up to Cardas Quad Link and now am using Cardas
Neutral Reference with the hope of finding a used pair of Golden Reference some time in the future.

prof166 posts06-24-2017 4:45amjonandfamily,

"My own subjective impressions, especially of amplifiers, aren’t much use to other people I think. We all have different tastes, different hearing, different criteria; what I hear as uninvolving will be someone else’s musical nirvana.

And by "bleached" I’m talking of timbral or tonal color, nothing to do with dynamics. I tend to sort of see colors when listening to sound (and clearly so do some other people, which is why lots of audiophiles refer to colors in describing sound). When I listen to my acoustic guitar I always "hear" a golden sparkly tone. I’d take that recording around to various systems and speakers: from most of them, I don’t hear that tone. It’s more silver/gray. And that’s my main complaint with most systems: they sound "bleached" of tonal color, which is what I always perceived whenever I was able to compare Audio Research amps with, say CJ amps, over the years (and that’s only a few times, really).

That doesn’t mean someone else will hear the same thing. was interesting to see it described that way here, and I have seen the Audio Research sound described similarly over the years. Just like the CJ sound is often described as "golden."

My pal loves his Audio Research amp - had it forever, doesn’t want to part with it."

Wow! This is the single greatest posting I have ever read on any audio website. Its wonderful to know there are other people out there who feel the same way about tonal colour. I have heard cheap car stereos, portable radios, even TVs which sounded better than some (so called) high end audio with its highly detailed, wide bandwidth but timbrally washed out monochrome sound. Totally unsatisfying.

It’s a pity that Thiel didn’t have much of a presence here in the UK, but we still have Tannoy and Harbeth.
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another audiophile on a different forum liked XLO cabling with Thiel speakers. I have heard Nordost Blue Heaven cabling w/ Bryston gear in the past. Very nice combo. Another brand to consider is Audioquest, another sonic match for Bryston and Thiel. Keep me posted on your decision.
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