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I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

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unsound - thank you as always for your comments on multi-amping the CS5. You are correct that this cure might be worse than the disease. I'll note that your "simple" solution of using a suitable amplifier is also Jim's solution. And it works well and beautifully. I wish that John Atkinson and Larry Archibald had applied your solution. They got best results with the Krells of the day, but left the (deserved) impression that most amps couldn't successfully drive the load.To my multi-AHB-2 solution: I suppose that's a personal proposition. I agree with you noting all those associated expenses and complications. And I admit that my intrigue may be closer to a lab experiment than a market solution. I have 2: AHB-2s and want 2 more for live site work . . . (creeping justification strikes insidiously.)I don't know how the amp might drive that low end, since it is so nicely resistive. The clipping LEDs are sensitive enough to use as lab tools.

To your comment about re-sculpting the baffles: What if? The MB upper midrange dome presents the problem of being 3/4" too far forward. A driver built on the radial wave / star-plane diaphragm constructs might outperform the MB, plus place its acoustic center closer to proper placement.

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I appreciate that. at this point I really don't have a system but gear laying around.

Life has been very busy with multiple businesses and different houses in multiple states so setting up a system took a back seat. 

Staying on point with this thread I currently have Thiel CS 7.2 in cherry, CS 6 in Zebrawood, CS 2.4SE original in Bloodwood, CS 2.7 in piano white, and bringing up the rear CS 2.4 in maple with upgrade kit to convert if I choose. 

Pass XA 200.5, Pass X 600.5, and Krell FPB 450 Mcx round out the amps.

To show how far behind on the source,  I have disc spinning Wadia and Esoteric. 
Unsound, before you dismiss the multiamp option for the cs5i, I would be surprised if the impedance of each woofer would be lower then 3 ohm. In parallel the impedance of 3 woofers of course drops to the low level but if each woofer is powered separately, the need for high current amps disappear. The specs on the hypex ncore 252mp are easily available and have been confirmed by independent measurements. These opinions about multi amp vs Krell could be empirically tested if the goal is to improve the sound quality of the cs5i.

Very nice! Quite a speaker collection. Always good to see a fellow 2.4SE owner. What are the Serial Numbers (S/N) ?

Equally nice is to read about Disc spinners -Wadia and Esoteric.
Which models? There is no such thing as being "behind". Certain vintage gear still stands up very well in 2021.
I am a disc-spinner Owner for life !

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