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I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

Thank You for the additional information. Will you replace current Cables/cords with the Vovox brand (full loom) ?

Happy Listening!

I don't know whether I will try a full loom of Vovox at this point. If I do decide to get a 5-meter pair of Vovox Sonorus interconnects to make the change to a "longer XLR - shorter speaker cable" set-up, I will then have my current 1m Vovox XLRs to try between DAC and preamp, combined with new 5m Vovox XLRs between preamp and amps. If that arrangement sounds better than the Cardas-Vovox combination I'm using now, I will eventually go that route. For now, I'm going to live with the combo XLRs for a while to be sure that works for me long-term. I have heard that the Vovox XLRs don't change in sound much between shorter and longer lengths, so I'm assuming the 1m Vovox will have the same sound signature as a 5m Vovox. I haven't tried any other Vovox wire so I don't know how their power cables, speaker cables, etc. would sound in my system.

In my reading of pro audio forums, I have seen a few comments that support the use of Vovox Sonorus interconnects selectively rather than at all stages of the recording/mastering process. I guess some users think that the clarity and openness of the Vovox can be "too much of a good thing" when used throughout the process. On the other hand, some users have wired their entire studios with Vovox and rave about how "live" it sounds. I know that Tom Thiel really likes Vovox Sonorus as a mic cable in recordings he has made.

I mentioned earlier that Vovox has a more expensive cable line (called Excelsus). They also have a less expensive line called Link. All three lines (Link, Sonorus, and Excelsus) include both shielded and unshielded cables. The unshielded cables tend to sound better as long as extensive noise rejection is not needed.

Thank You for the informative follow up. I will make an effort to contact the operation in California for additional intel.
Keep me posted as you massage Vovox XLR into your room/system.

Happy Listening!
sdl4 - Thank you for your comparative brief. I doubt that I'm alone in not finding many opportunities to compare cables or much other equipment first hand. Your listening notes are helpful in forming a reference as to how these outlier brands compare to the better-known and more-discussed audiophile offerings.

I pay close attention to others who do their careful listening and share those results without an accompanying agenda. I came upon Vovox via recommendations from pro recordists whom I respected. Similarly, Morrow came recommended by someone whose ears I trust. Both brands stand up to my own comparisons, but I use Vovox as mic cables and I lack the opportunity to compare against Cardas or other high-end, well known offerings. High-performance, low-cost cables fit the Thiel ethos - that's what we worked to offer, and I would like cables with that same value orientation. 

Thanks again for your comparisons. I look forward to your further listening notes. Long interconnect runs carry their own hazards. Your experience helps us when deliberating that configuration.
All - I just got word from Bill Thalmann at Music Technology that the SACD section of Thiel's SCD-1 is not economically repairable. I am abandoning the machine at Bill's place in Virginia. Anyone interested in it for any use may contact him.

Now, I'm exploring solutions for CD/SACD spinning. He soups up the Oppo 105 and 205, or PS Audio's entry sounds interesting. Any thoughts or recommendations?