Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!


I have a Coda CSIB v1 integrated amp driving my CS 2.4 speakers, and I can vouch that it is an excellent match.



CODA is a sonic match with Thiel speakers.

What other gear is in your system?


Happy Listening!



Good to read that you are enjoying Coda Integrated 

Amp with CS 2.4 loudspeakers. Thank you for confirmation.


Happy Listening!

These comparative observations are quite interesting to me. As you know, Jim developed new technologies throughout his inventive career. Each new product incorporated something, or multiple things that were brand new. So the timeline becomes a parallel consideration to the model capability. Bigger, more expensive models bring greater dynamic range and deeper bass. More drivers can deliver better signal integrity spread more evenly across the musical range. The time factor / when the model came out, brings subtlety and sophistication due to new solutions, primarily in driver subtleties, especially after Thiel began making its own drivers in the mid 1990s.



I am using a Coda amplifier with an Ayre preamplifier and for sources I have a Meridian CD Player and Pro-ject Turntable, most of my music is on CD. Together it all sounds very nice, with tons of detail and sound-stage.  I have a dynaudio active studio system that is very different and I like having the less forward presentation from the Thiels for listening.  The only thing that seems like it would be a significant upgrade is going from the cs 1.6 to a larger speaker where I am looking for more "presence" in the mids and low end. I have decided on the 2.4 and will post some comments in the near future, hopefully the amp matching will be successful and I don't feel the need to go back down that road again.