Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

unsound - we’re actively working on the 3.5. It is perhaps my favorite Thiel speaker in that it captures Jim’s primary insights. It’s the only place I’ve ever heard honest 20Hz, in-time bass; and with a footprint of a square foot and waist high.

Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades in Carlsbad has re-worked the EQ for substantially better performance. Bill Thalmann of Music Technology is mapping a fully balanced unit with a few more audiophile touches. Balanced will require an EQ unit per channel.

Low-level crossovers incorporated with the EQ is an excellent idea, but beyond my present scope. With the new (Purifi, etc.) switching amps, multi-amp drive could be heart-stopping.

As a historical note - Thiel’s first product that never made it to market was just such a configuration - small 3-way with built-in driver-dedicated equalized amplification. In the mythical revival department I think such a speaker could rock given today’s technical resources. Not for me, though.

Another note, the CS5 (1989) followed the 3.5 and could have been equalized, but Jim had become discouraged by the reactionary response, especially from sophisticated reviewers, and chose to get sub 20Hz sealed bass without EQ at the cost of 2ohm impedance at the bottom end. The subsequent CS3.6 in the early 90s became the watershed. Rather than developing an upgraded EQ to continue the model 3 tradition, Jim opted for reflex bass. It was properly implemented, etc. etc. but nonetheless diluted the commitment to phase / time coherence that had built the company’s market niche and reputation. I considered that a market-capitulation at the expense of root principles.

Imagine a CS3.5a using the 3.5 woofer and upgraded EQ, an updated version of the double-cone 3.6 midrange and an updated (CS5, 3.6, 2.2) UltraTweeter using the 3.7 / SCS4 moving system. I bet you’ll like it.


I had a similar issue , noticeable only at high volume when playing the Cardas/Ayers CD " Irrational But Efficacious! " before the woofers low range of 35hz the passive radiator started what sounded like a flapping noise that when away when the glide tone exceeded 35-40hz,   The rubber surround had become unattached in places so  I glued it both inside and outside to the passive radiator , while my other speaker didn't make a noise I still found loose rubber surround .  If this is your problem then Per Rob  used a water based fabric adhesive .


Hello, all.

I am hoping to get some sage advice from fellow Thiel owners. Are Thiels more like an old Toyota Corolla or an air cooled Porsche? Are they outdated or classics?

I have a pair of CS 2.3s that I bought new from Ovation in Louisville, KY back in, I believe, 1997. I have enjoyed these speakers through the years but just recently got back into serious 2-channel listening. I moved my Denon AVR that was powering the Thiels to my home theater and acquired an entirely new front end over the past 2-3 years. My question is whether my speakers are now the weak link in my system, and I wonder if getting a modern speaker would be of benefit.

I would be comfortable getting speakers in the sub-$10k range. My room is 30' x 20' x 9'. I listen to 1960s-2000s rock (Beatles, Stones, Doors, Joe Walsh, etc)at 65-73 dB. No jazz. No classical. I like hearing detail, and I feel as though I am missing detail with my Thiels compared to my Apple Airpods when I listen to the same song using Qobuz. Vocals also seem thinly veiled compared to my earbuds coming through the Thiels.

My system consists of the following:

CAT 8 ethernet -> English Electric 8 switch -> CAT 6 -> NODE -> Denafrips Terminator II DAC -> Decware coaxial cable -> Schiit Freya+ -> Pangea XLR -> PS Audio M1200 monoblocks -> Audioquest William Tell -> Thiels

I have moved the Thiels all around and feel they are in their optimal locations. They are 5 or 6 feet from the back wall, 4-5 feet from the side walls, slightly toed in such that they cross a foot or so behind my head in the listening position. I also believe I have optimized the locations and settings on my dual SVS Ultra 16 subs.

Is the technology in new speakers likely to improve the sound quality from my system, or should I stay with my tried and true Thiels? Thoughts?