Thiel Smartsub Ss1 and Px02 crossover

Hi there,

Is there anyone familiar with the setup of equipment I use in my music system?

I have a stereo setup with 2 Thiel PowerPoint 1.2 and a Thiel SS1 Smartsub. The Smartsub is connected with the Thiel Px02 crossover with a xlr cable. The Crossover is connected with the speaker output of the amplifier. Is there anyone who knows which xlr cable to use between the Thiel Px02 crossover and the Thiel SS1 Smartsub? 
Thiel says the speaker cable to use between the amplifier and the crossover doesn’t have to be a high quality cable. Does this mean that the xlr cable also hasn’t to be a high quality cable?
I hope someone on this board can give me an advice. 

From the Netherlands