Thiel speaker model range

Does anybody have a list of the various speaker models?  I haven't been able to find anything.  For instance it would appear that the CS6 would be better than the CS2.7 but maybe that isn't so.  I am in the market for a Thiel set but don't know what to look for in the used market.  I heard a set of Thiels with YBA preamp and Electrocompaniet amp and they were glorious.  I don't know the Thiel model but they were large.
Thanks Unsound and well done as I know you have been a Thiel enthusiast like myself for many years.  I might add that all Thiels have 2 things in common, slopped baffles and first order crossovers.

What each model has that is different besides the obvious size of the box is different driver design.  Jim Thiel went to a coaxial tweeter/midrange where they are housed together.  I believe it started with the 7.2 and then went to the CS6.  All the .4 and .7's have this design albeit with new technologies.

I prefer the older design in the CS3.6 and CS5i.  I own both the 3.6 and CS6 and prefer the 3.6 because I believe the midrange is more upfront and engaging.  I believe it has to do with the coaxial design.  The three legacy speakers that seem to be hot now are the 2.4, 2.7, and the 3.7, which was Jim's last design.

As Unsound says there are many Thiel enthusiasts here with a lot of hands on experience so you will get some good input.  One thing we all agree on is our disappointment with the direction of the new owners. 

Many thanks to all of you.  This discussion has been very helpful even though I'm still not sure I completely understand.  I know the Wilson Watt/Puppy series is consecutively numbered with each greater number arguably an improvement on the prior model number.  It's a shame the Thiel numbering system couldn't be as clear.
Pops, I believe the first Thiel with a co-axial driver might have been the CS 2.3, and some of the smaller pre CS series, SCS, MCS and sub-woofer lines might not qualify as having sloped baffles.
Philipsus, it made more (if not total) sense as it was happening in real time.