Thiel speaker model range

Does anybody have a list of the various speaker models?  I haven't been able to find anything.  For instance it would appear that the CS6 would be better than the CS2.7 but maybe that isn't so.  I am in the market for a Thiel set but don't know what to look for in the used market.  I heard a set of Thiels with YBA preamp and Electrocompaniet amp and they were glorious.  I don't know the Thiel model but they were large.
To Saffron_Boots
You hit the nail on the head.  The link you provided is EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank You!!!
Saffrpn_Boots, excellent post is invaluable. I wish Audiogon provided a "sticky" option for it. Just as an FYI, it's not really a complete list, as the pre CS series, SCS models, sub woofers and post Jim Thiel products, etc. are not included. The typically most sought after models all seem to be there.
For those not familiar with Thiel's and are seriously considering them, it would behoove them to search for the minimum impedances and phase angles as well. Though most Thiels have a very steady impedance, they don't typically just dip into, but rather often spend much time into those  rather low minimum impedances The designs with co-axial drivers also often present challenging phase angles as well.
You're welcome phillipsus.  

Thanks unsound.  I've put placeholders for the Models 01-04, and a few other unsung models (Dewpoint anyone?).

I've also added the cabinet dimensions, which I noticed were missing.  Glad it helped.