Thing of upgrading the Soundsmith Carmen II

I love the way this cart sounds on VPI Prime, but it really pronounces the sibalence more than my Dynavector 2x20L and Denon 103R. But it trumps the other 2 for big live sound, presence, and sound stage. So what I think I'm looking for is a great tracking MC cart. 

I have a Parasound JC3+, a Decware integrated amp, an do Zu Omen Def Mk II's with the Radian tweeter upgrade. 

The carts im thinking about (but I'm open to others):

Ortofon Quintet Black S
another Soundsmith?

id like to keep the price at $1k or less

i really like the Carmen, except for the dang sibalence; as for set up I've been through it at least 10 times using the Mint Protrctor, a digital Tracking Force gauge, and a fozgometer. I'm I'm dead nuts on azimuth according to the Soundsmith website. 

Have you tried adjusting VTF and VTA? These adjustments in very small increments can not be discounted when trying to get a cart to it's sweet spot. 
definitely broken in then!  
I have had the ART9 for nearly a year and it is a very nice sounding cartridge- much better than my 2M Black and Dynavector DV20X2L.  
If I were to upgrade it would be to a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC star or Lyra Delos.