Think I'm going to try tubes...

I just hafta know what all the fuss is about, however there are no tube shops near me and I won't be able to preview any of them so I need your advice!! I have the dynaudio contour 1.8 speakers which aren't very sensitive (86db)but are impedence matched to 4ohms so it shouldn't put too much stress on the tubes. I was thinking a KT88 pentode since they seem to offer the highest output for the price and I've narrowed it down to three choices- Prima Luna II, Jolida 502b and the ASL AQ1001DT. Which one do you think will be the best mate with my Dyns and why? I'm realistic and willing to give up some of the speed and impact of my solid state gear for that tubieness, however it must be able to play some rock without sounding like molasses.
tube preamps with ss amps is a common combination... (said the guy with the Supratek pre & the McCormack & Gallo amps)
It seems I continue to be a one man cheering squad for the musically natural, speedy, impactful Aronov Audio amps. Not tubey, just amazing delivery of what's in the recording, including bass and percussion which has listeners looking for the missing transistors. Ready for the challenge of any rock musician. Although the tube fuss is usually related to the glories of the midrange and human voice reproduction, the frequency exremes can be well handled by a tube amp.
I can relate to the problem of first "hearing" an amp only through the ears of others since I bought my Aronov after speaking to a distant dealer who helped match the amp to my system.
VTL MB450 might do the trick. I would suggest if you really want to experience what quality tubed gear can do you acquire a pair of high efficiency speakers. A pair of Living Voice Avatar speakers hit yesterday at 2200; wonderful speakers and 8 watts is quite enough power for them. They are also full range and make real bass.

Speakers such as the Living Voice open you up to all sorts of great amplifier possibilities. The first watt of power is the most important watt and that is what you listen to most of the time; the rest of the watts for for transients usually.
As mentioned earlier, you might try a tubed pre and a solid state amp. I have Hales Rev 3s which are rated at I believe 87db and I have been told that I would have to have a good sized tube amp (say 100 watts) in order to drive them well. I recomend the AES AE3 tubed pre amp as long as you get rid of it's stock tubes and replace with NOS. I use sylvanias. There is one for sale here on the Gon. Buy it try it. If you don't like it sell it again. No it's not mine and I don't know who's selling it.
Going tubes is great but with right speaker. If your 1.8's are anything like the 1.3's I had, they need power and lots of it to sound good. Good luck.