Thinking about another amplifier (Galion)

I keep coming across this Galion amp for some reason. I’ve watched a whole bunch of videos and read as much as I can about it. I’m leaning towards picking one up because of all the great things I hear about the bass, and that it still manages to deliver the rest of the tube magic at a nice price. But before going any further, I thought I’d ask if someone here might have some experience going from a 300B SET amp to something else, and if you were satisfied or not?

The current amplifier (pun intended) is a Line Magnetic LM-805ia (uses 2x 300B, 2x 805, 2x 6SN7 and a 6SL7). The one I’m looking at is a Galion TS120SE amplifier (uses 4x KT88 and 4x 12AX7).

I’m pretty darn happy with everything about my current setup...except I wouldn’t mind sacrifiing some of my super-sweet and syrupy mid-range for a little bit more bass, tightness, and slam. In case you’re wondering, I do have a 1 REL S/510 sub. I don’t plan on getting rid of my current amplifier anytime soon, but will eventually need to since I don’t really have the space for another big and heavy tube amp/ WAF.

I’d like to save myself from the whole cost and upgrade headache of swapping in new gear and having moving things around forever to get it all just right again. If there is a general concensus that this purchase is not be a great manuevuer, then I’ll steer clear.

In case it matters, I listen to mostly 70’s rock and soft/rock, funk, soul, 80’s new-wave/alt, all the great piano/singers, 90’s "grunge", acid-jazz, downtempo, and newer electronic music.

Speakers are Tannoy Turnberry and I mostly stream though a Lumin S1. Rarely, I’ll spin some vinyl (Rega Planar 6).

Some amps I’ve had in the past: Sansui Au-9500, Peachtree Nova 300, Prima Luna EVO 400. I’m hoping to get the bass the Peachtree Nova 300 had without giving up much else.

Thanks in advanced for taking the time to reading this and for your opinion.



I have a very similar amp to yours. My 805 amp is reportedly built in the same factory as yours. 

while I haven’t heard the Galion, I’m very familiar with Doge (the manufacturer) and Primaluna (your previous amp). 

Do you like the Line Magnetic more than the Primaluna? If so, you may find the Galion to sound more like the latter. If you generally have enough headroom I’d keep the LM. 

If your LM drives the 93dB Tannoys to your liking, I’d do what others suggest and get two REL T9i.  

The problem is no one has this amplifier and it just simply does too much for the price. It’s seems a low end product.

I don’t really hear anything positive about this product. It is very interesting and pretty.


I'm not sure why anyone would be drawn to the specs of the TS120 since it's essentially a re-badged Doge 10, which can be found used for half of what is being asked for the 120. If you're going there for the tone controls, would a Schitt Loki Max allow you to keep the "super-sweet and syrupy mid-range" of the LM-805ia, with the option of juicing the lower frequencies when needed?

I take the YouTube marketing machine hype with a healthy dose of skepticism.


I have a small LM Audio amp the 216i. I was told by the dealer years ago that two brothers (one brother had now passed) who own and design the products based the design(s) off the old US brand Western Electric. I think some Chinese audio companies are building these very good amps largely upon the heels of older tried and true tube amp designs. The fact they are built in China keeps the cost down and I believe ARC and other brands will charge at least 50% to 150% more for equivalent products. LM Audio has given me great service. I know there are many, many Chinese audio companies offering products on amazon, ebay, other outlets but there are a few that offer very good quality products that are well designed and made. Conversely there are many American, European and other companies making products with Chinese made parts. One has to go about the delicate sometimes tedious research process of finding quality audio companies which are across the globe.

I have not seen a legitimate review of this product.  I recall one yt reviewer and he tried to explained the product and never listened to it.