Thinking about buying an Lp12, Lingo table.

Greetings everyone.

After having had a VERY disappointing short life with a Rega RP6/exact (never again and you may read my previous posts) I am thinking about buying a used LP12. I was the very happy owner of a Linn Axis for about 27 years and I regrettably sold it last April to purchase the Rega. I wish I have never done that but I learned that the Axis board tend to go bad after years and you can not find replacements. I am looking at an LP12 from the mid nineties with serial number above 93000. It comes with the Lingo power Supply (original version), Cirkus, Trampoline (original version) , Akito tonearm and a Audio Technica ML-150 cartridge (which I would toss) , brand new original Linn box. The table is on consignment at a very reputable Linn dealer and they are asking $3100 plus shipping. I think that it is a little high. 

I understand that the table need to be serviced and adjusted which can be a drag but I guess is part of ownership. Also I would put the table in a cabinet but unfortunately the floors below are a little wobbly and I am afraid that just by walking on daily basis even when the table is not in use it would put a lot of stress on the suspension, springs, etc. 

The table has had virtually no use for the past few years and it seems in almost mint condition. 

Thanks and I look forward to your replies. 

Look for a used SME 10 in your price range. Easy to set up and maintain,  Sounds great.
Hi Orpheus10.

The problem with the Rega is that they hum like crazy. I tried everything possible and and you may read it in some of my other posts. The table is now back at the service center to figure out what is wrong with it. They sent my dealer a bran new tonearm, RB 303 a new Exact cartridge and a new circuit board for the TT PSU. He connected everything and there was a loud noise when touching the tonearm. The cueing mechanism is way too fast and it is impossible to start a record from the beginning without the cartridge skipping ahead due to the speed at which it drops. The TT PSU makes a loud "pop" when turning it off.

Why not send me a new turntable and call it a day. A friend of mine went through 7 Rega tables and had nothing but problems. The cartridges loose volume constantly after a few months of use. Also the subplatjer is absolute garbage considering the price of almost $2000 including cartridge. I must say that they are very musical and they track well.

Some folks do a Incognito re wire and in most cases it gets rid of the problem but I don;t think I want to drop another $250 plays another $120 on an aftermarket subplatjer. Needless to say I am very disappointed and you can read all sort of complaints about Rega products. The other issue is that the new P6 just came out and the price of the Rp6 has dropped by $500 therefore there goes any kind of resale value. My dealer is willing to exchange it for something different. 
Forget it if you have bad floors and like to play while you move around. If the house is brick, you could wall mount. If the house is wood, forget it. You'll need an Ittok at least; otherwise not good value. 

+1 on what Varyat posted.

Don't be too concerned about footfalls and going out of tune....all of the posters who state that really IMHO don't know how to utilize or set-up an LP12. The model you are considering has the Tramp upgrade, that means you can mount the table on a less than desirable stand or table and still have minimal impact from the surroundings. If you are placing the table in a cabinet ( not IMO the best situation for ANY table) you may need to consider removal of the dust cover on the LP12 ( no big deal and they sound way better without them any rate). The shoe box Lingo may be a little bit concerning...only due to age. ( it may need to be re-capped at some near point). The same set-up tech can do this for you, and this may be a great idea from the get-go. As to the Akito, it will be the weak link but easily is the rest of the TT. As Mark stated, this table can be a very nice spring board to something far better. VPI's---why would you??
As to value, $3100 is a little steep, but I would think that the dealer probably knows that- and will be open to a real offer. I would go for this table if it is in the condition you state and you can get a fair price...then it would be a no brainer, all IMHO.