Thinking about the good old days...

I'm definitely  an old geezer, and have a lot of experiences and memories to reflect on.  Lately, I've been remembering the enjoyment of "audio" back when I was just starting down this path: the music was just so amazingly enjoyable and fun.  I think my greatest satisfaction with my own audio stuff was when what-passed-for-my-system was a Fisher 90T tuner/preamp, Fisher 80AZ amp, a University speaker enclosure that I built ftom a lot fitted with 12" University woofer and some University tweeter (I forget what).  The only source was a Lenco turntable with a GE VR2 cartridge.  Dang, that stuff was just so wonderful to my young self!
Infinity Rsb speakers driven by Marantz 2025 receiver with Sony PS-T2 turntable. Still have them all and all still in good working condition. First album was Three Dog Night greatest hits. Still have the album too.
My first real stereo (not counting the cheap all-in-one Electrophonic) began at age 16 with a Pioneer SX626 receiver I asked for and received for Christmas — was very pleased!  My initial speakers were a pair of Realistic Nova 7’s, but I upgraded to large Advents.  Then came a low-price Gerrard TT and a used Sony Reel-to-Reel.  That Sony was very nice! — a couple of interrupted hours of music that sounded better than my turntable.  I enjoyed this set-up until my mid-20’s, when my apartment was burglarized and most of it was stolen.  

At that time, I was using my brother’s Onkyo receiver, as the Pioneer was getting muddy-sounding. I felt really bad about his receiver getting stolen, and I didn’t have much money to replace it.  I finally donated the Pioneer to Goodwill when I was in my late 20’s.
Audiophile disease is a long journey.  I've been in it for 50 years and I'm always learning something new.  For the first time I tried a tube preamp with a solid state power amp and I really dig it.
I built my first system. Dynaco PAT4 and stereo 80 amp, AR turntable, and AR 4x speakers, tandberg reel to reel.. Took them to college with me! Everyone came into my room for the music. I spoofed everyone into thinking I was receiving WOR fm 250 miles away in Ithaca! I was playing the reel to reel....
I grew up in Ft Worth, first “system” was Heathkit fold up “record player in a suitcase” I got for Christmas.
Can’t remember now which Beatles album was the first, “upgraded “ to Radio Shack BSR turntable, receiver & speakers, I remember drooling over gear at Marvin’s Electronics on University Blvd, but couldn’t afford anything, bought used Tecnics gear when I was at A&M- loved it, have up - graded over the years- I’m happy w it, but damn- does anything really live up to the memories of your youth- on any level?