Thinking Hybrid Integrated.

Pathos, ModWright Instruments, Rogue Audio, McIntosh who else am I missing? Have to buy online.  No high end dealers where I am at, 


The Pathos Classic Remix, which is based on the Classic III, but with sonic tweaks, digital capability, and a built-in headphone amp. I've been auditioning it from Upscale Audio. It, at times, is an astonishingly musical amp, able to convey the smallest human impulses by the musicians. I'll say this, though, that it seems as if the 6922 Electro-Harmonic tubes which come with it (they're really cheap Russian tubes) create a slightly tubby sounding bass. I'm trying a different brand, some NOS Sylvanias. That may be fine for some, but I really need the bottom end to be absolutely tight. There's so much that this amp does really well. I'm hoping that the different tubes nail down that bottom end for me. 

I have a Pathos heritage, nice sounding amp.

Just Italian made… day one one of the VU did not work, the settings get rest all the time, no pre-in. When I posted in a Pathos forum asking for help, 
I was pointed over 10 different threads! All kinds of quality control issues in an amp that costs $17k.

I would avoid Pathos next time.

The Croft phono Integrated is a weird bird. Strange frequency response going on, phono was way to much bass and unusable in my setup. You need to listen carefully in your particular system. I sold mine not long after I got it.


Prima Luna has a new hybrid integrated that is receiving early positive reviews. You can check them out at Upscale Audio or google reviews.