Thinking of Downsizing

I don’t listen to my system as often as I used to, but don’t want to completely get rid of it. Frankly I could use the funds that the sale would offer and am thinking of replacing some of it with more value priced options. I do enjoy my vinyl collection and would like to keep it and my turntable.

The pieces I’m thinking of replacing are a pair of Bower & Wilkins 805 D3, McIntosh  MA6700 and a REL SHO S5.

I’ve looked at the Marantz PM 8006 amp as a possibility, but would like to pair it with some small footprint bookshelf speakers, at a cost of no more then $1000 a pair.

Any comments or suggestions?



The B&W speaker sound is kind of special.  I suggest you consider sticking to the brand.  An alternative set of points may be Monitor Audio and Focal, but not sure you are going to get where you want to for $1,000.

$1k is a pretty low bar. Perhaps something in the more main line range like Klipsh RPM600/2 or JBL's?

Just to clarify, I’m thinking of about $2500 for the receiver and speakers. The small footprint is because of the Wife factor. I’ve found myself listening only once or twice a month and have noticed some hearing loss as I age. Thanks to everyone for the comments.

I have seen the B&W 600 series Anniversary and will check out Klipsch.

I wouldn't discount the Ascends.

Bamboo cabinets, Seas mid/woofer, and RAAL ribbon tweeter all for around $800 used.

You are going to be disappointed in a $1000 speaker. Keep the 805s and replace the Mac with a Musical Fidelity Integrated, that will still put money in your pocket.