Thinking of going 2-CH from HT....Tube ?

I have a Marantz SR6200 with Mordaunt short MS-908 speakers for primary towers. I am upgrading my turntable to a Music Hall 5.1 soon and am thinking of getting a Jolida 1501RC to run the vinyl on a 2-ch system. I would get an amp switcher so I can use the Marantz for HT and then the Jolida for music only. I know tubes are warmer sounding in general, but do you think it's worth it to get a Jolida or will the difference between the Marantz and Jolida not be enough to warrant the cost? The Marantz has a source direct and a decent 2-channel option. BTW I have an older NAD PP-1 pre-amp but am thinking of getting a tube pre-amp. What would you do? I am new to this so sorry if this is a boring question! Thanks a lot for the help
Hey man, I have a Marantz SR7001, and I bought a Grant Fidelity Tube Buffer to warm up the sound before it hits the Marantz. I think it sounds amazing, adds warmth, and leaves bass control tight. Just another option for ya without investing too much.

Tubes sound different but be forewarned modern tube amps aren't your father's tube amp. They are not warm, syrupy, slow, dark or fuzzy, in fact many are downright bright some say they have "sparkle".The tube magic is in the inherent nature of their harmonic distortion and the incredible imaging many are capable of. Yes in a word it is well worth the expense to hear it for yourself.
I have an AVA U70 driven by a Pioneer TDX 49i driving a pair of Infinity IM 4.1. The sound of the U70 is amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything! system sounds good for both HT and 2 channel listening.
Thanks for the info, so is a Jolida 1501 a good economical choice? Theya re around $400 used. It's a combo amp so it's solid state and tube. I like the idea of the Grant, but don't want to change between DVD player and phono all the time. A switch for amps would be easier I think. If there was a 2-ch tube amp with a phono pre-amp built in it would be even better sp I wouldn't have to pick up a bellisterri. Thanks, Ed
Made the move from HT surround 7.1 dts/dolby etc., about 8yrs ago. Never looked back. Made the move to tubes 6months ago. Not bright or syrupy. But tubes are a commitment, unlike SS. Tubes are not for that faint at heart, I love them though. No intrest in returning to SS. Two channel is where it is at!