This forum is antiquated.

I'm a member of several forums. This site is ancient in it's ability to respond to member's posts, and is also extremely cumbersome to reply to specific member's posts, quotes, etc. What am I missing? For some posts that are so technologically subjective....the objective merits of this website and forums are so 1990s. Ancient technology. 

Thoughts? Discuss.
Isn't there ENOUGH social media sites with meme, like buttons and gold ribbon awards? 

Let the Instagram/Tik Tock 'ers adapt. It's enough effort ignoring the know it all's/chest puffers here.

Leave Agon be. Use Agon as it is, or go to the other sites. Learn to use all the existing features.
Yeah...change is hard. 

It didn't like the changes Facebook forced upon me. But, I adapted while complaining about it. It's also free...monetarily anyway.

It's funny that people complain about their privacy while on a smart phone or the internet.

You want privacy? Get a walkie talkie and a map.
I was involved with the current design. The developer was not that experienced and, as best as I could tell, was a one man team. Issues like including imagines, easy quoting of previous posts and being able to name external links  were discussed but he was not interested in implementing them. I got the impression he had limited time to do the new site and, as I said, did not have a lot of experience with the site.

After this version of the site was released, there were some who left in a huff and usage fell off for a while. But, it picked up again and is pretty healthy these days. Why is it healthy? As many have said, it is because of the people on the forum and the knowledge they bring. Yes the mechanics could be improved, but it is the people that count.

The current format was implemented in 2015. Here is a link to a post on the likes and dislikes.

And one that is a little more direct


Thanks very much for your frank response.

Seems many people don't like change...the constant constant.