This forum is antiquated.

I'm a member of several forums. This site is ancient in it's ability to respond to member's posts, and is also extremely cumbersome to reply to specific member's posts, quotes, etc. What am I missing? For some posts that are so technologically subjective....the objective merits of this website and forums are so 1990s. Ancient technology. 

Thoughts? Discuss.

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05-02-2021 11:41am
@Edgewound, Okay so here's what separates this site from most others in the category of interest you mention...there aren't any nazi moderators here with their own agendas quietly manipulating the atmosphere within which interaction takes place other than to maintain civility. There's kooks and crackpots in control out there. Step outta line and...

just sayin:)
Not sure if you're kidding or not. Step out of line, and posts get deleted...regardless of truth and honesty.
It is important to remember that this is free forum and that it is an adjunct to a commercial marketplace for selling used equipment. The money is in the marketplace. The free forums are a nice addition but they are really just a nice service provided as an aside to the main purpose here - which is a marketplace for selling used equipment. Of course, the forums may attract people who eventually use the marketplace, but the issue is always how much to invest in the forums as a marketing source for the marketplace.  The owners need to balance that and, I suspect, the whole website is not a huge money maker, although I could be wrong. In any case, it is important to put the forums in the correct context.
The OP has only been here for a couple of weeks and is suggesting changes to a well oiled machine. Tar and Feathers come's to mind ... HA
Edgewound, no I'm not kidding. Again, granted no inappropriate language allowed. Great. Also no personal party lines to toe here.
yes, seems the new kid needs to work a bit harder to fit in... 😉

folks who hang out here are generally well meaning, try to be helpful, and understand that being here is being part of a community, one that is pursuing a hobby that can bring a lot of joy/enjoyment, and where experience and knowledge matters in achieving something really good

so i think forum users - new ones - who get especially rude, nasty or just plain ’ol argumentative get a pretty poor reception by and large

a few notable exceptions of course, as in all online enthusiast boards... you know, every family has ugly drunk abusive uncles and cousins that are hard to dis-invite -- rest of us pretty just hold their noses and try to ignore, make the best of it