This funny

My Krell LAT-1 tweeters blew and guess how much they cost new?? 48.00. A 40,000 dollar speaker with 48 dollar tweeters. WOW
No Krell wanted to charge me double the cost. I bought them on-line. Not from Krell. I will leave the persons name out do to privacy.
I know exactly how you feel...a long time ago when I had a pair of Martin Logan Prodigy's I blew the front woofer. I was able to order it localy from a costed 60.00!!?? a 60.00 woofer out of a 10,000 pair of speakers!! WHAT THE!!and it gets better. When I removed the blown woofer and looked, I saw the cheapest, most generic solderless connector I had ever seen. You mean to tell me that ML couldn't even of used a gold plated spade?? Not to mention the spade wasn't even soldered on, but someone must have used pliers to crimp it because it was butchered!! and the thing was loose as hell on the the woofer terminals. Anyway, as someone else said. The tweeter could have cost a whole lot thankful. But it does make you think about things???
Here we have the problem with the 'hi-end'. Great sound, poor value. Krell could have done themselves a favor by simply giving you, for free, a replacement set of tweeters. Then, since 'price' never entered the equation, you would have wow'd about the great customer service and had confidence in your making the right decision in the first place. Now you just feel ripped off from the initial price of the speakers, not being a good value.
For the money the speakers cost to purchase Krell should of gave them to me for free. Now, I know that I made a mistake in buying them from a company (keep in mind all my other gear is Krell) that all they care about is suckin my wallet dry.