This is no joke.

My wife just celebrated her 50th birthday.

I placed two weighted table ornaments with colorful plumes cascading above them on top of my Triangle monitors.

Now, listening to them today for the first time since, they seem to sound better. More transparent and deeper fuller bass.

Very weird. Either somethings going on or I'm losing it.

We'll see.

These ornaments only cost a few bucks. Nice tweak! Very festive looking too!
Yup, you could make a fortune. "La Flora Rama" by Mapman....available at fine "high end" audio salons around the world. Find a way to cryogenically freeze those puppies and you can charge double.

I don't think you are losing it at all. It's amazing how small things can change the acoustics. If you make a fortune, I like brownies with walnuts. ;)
Try the "dollar twenty tweak". Take four quarters and two dimes. At the front edge of your speakers place a quarter in each front corner with a dime in the center. This came around several years ago. At the time I was giving single ended amplification a try and bought a pair of JBL L-300 speakers, high efficiency speakers with Alnico magnets. The difference I heard with the "dollar twenty tweak" on those big cabinets was amazing.