This is the way to release an album on vinyl...

I just picked up "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" by Spoon on vinyl. First of all, they claim this is a 180 gram release, but I'm about to dig out a balance, as this is the thickest, heaviest "180 gram release" release in my collection. The pressing is phenominal - ultra quiet between tracks (including the lead in), and sonically brilliant. As a bonus, the music doesn't suck, either. I hate to say it, but I'm "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga".
I just bought a new Johnny Thunders 180 gram on Get Back.It was shrink wrapped too tight and warped.Recently bought 4LP Sonic Youth Daydream Nation with one LP very dished.I'm really concerned with quality control,or lack there of,exhibited by companies.A thread on 45RPM release of Red Garland which detailed voltage problem during mastering leading to replacement of all copies makes me wonder.Doesn't anyone care enough or have enough pride in their product to look at what they are releasing? Happy your experience was so good.Enjoy!
there is a 'bottle neck' or 'hour glass' situation with vinyl. a few pressing plants and more scheduled releases than they can handle. with that situation there are mistakes.
There's a LOT of this current stuff out there - heavy vinyl, decent pressings, great music. Pretty cool.

See -
Against Me! "New Wave"
Paramour "Riot"
Radiohead "Rainbows"
She Wants Revenge "She Wants Revenge"
Killers "Sawdust"
MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"
I bought Yep Roc's 180g reissue of Nick Lowe's "Jesus of Cool" and it's a terrific pressing except the records are absolutely filthy - I don't own a cleaning machine, and I've spent about an hour so far trying to get this clean with various cleaning solutions and brushes.
add THE RACONTEURS ~ CONSOLERS OF LONLEY and CAT POWER ~ JUKEBOX to the list; picked both of these up recently and couldn't be happier

I literally blurted out when first putting the platter on ... "soooo heaaavvvyyy"