This looks like a terrible investment

This guy got soaked...even before his bad timing, this looks a hassle trying unload for a profit. Maybe you could make a couple bucks, but it’s gonna take a few weekends of unloading and loading the car.

Great titles if they were the real deal-otherwise.....meh.
These ads used to be commonplace years ago when I first joined A'gon. Nowadays, I think he'd be better off unloading them all on a big collector or outlet at a bit of a loss.  

With the pandemic being the fly in the ointment, his timing couldn't be worse as money is tight. Maybe the Asian market would do the trick.

All the best,
Only original Blue Notes, Prestige and Riverside have lasting value! The reissues - meh!
He is going to get badly burned with that lot.
Hard to think he will find one buyer for the whole lot.
Probably needs to go back to his original plan but do it next year and just sit on them longer this year.
Sell at record shows next year.
Cannot say as I would be buying up all the re-issues.
Who has anything  in the pic"

Lee's okay, but I could use a nicer copy.  I want  that Grant Green.
Double unobtanium.
I don't understand.
If he is the owner trying to sell them, how did he get 'soaked'?

Yup....lot of these records are available on Qobuz in 24bit/192kHz resolution and most recordings are pretty amazing!
I don't understand.
If he is the owner trying to sell them, how did he get 'soaked'?
If you read his ad you will see he bought them start of this year with intent to sell at a profit.
So not original owner but looking to make a few dollars.
Nothing wrong with that of course, economics at work.
But not looking good for him right now unfortunately.
Schlep boxes of records for weeks on end? Your margin when it's all said and done?

Trying to resell might be worthwhile for the lot @10K. That's  being optimistic. You're gonna get calls/emails from a minimum..5%? An album will be defective, and the customer wants an exchange/money back.

For the sellers sake someone  will bite,  with visions of grandeur$$.
I've found during the corona era that high quality vinyl has become harder to find.  Many of the MoFi titles are sold out or on back order like never before.  Once they come in stock they immediately sell out.  I think this guy's problem is that most of these records are still available from Acoustic Sounds.  There is no reason to pay a premium for them.  That said, there are some great titles in there.  He would be better off selling them piece meal than as a lot, even if it takes a lot longer.  My Discogs account has been pretty active in the past few months.  Many motivated buyers of rarer items I'm selling.
Thanks, was lazy and didn’t read...

Speaking of albums, don’t know if your have been in or are familiar with Junque in the Trunque right down the road from you. They have a small albums bin with some good stuff....worth a browse, I think.
Not any more a going concern.
They had pipes burst, flooded the whole building and now is closed down.
Shame really.
Yeesh. Sorry to hear that.
Wife and I enjoyed going in there and bought more than a few things....
I messaged the seller and asked why they are not selling on discogs? It makes no sense. Same effort as shows.

hard to make an offer when only a percentage is listed and not easy to break down value easily. One copy that’s worth $200 in near mint could have a hard to see scratch and pops a lot making it worth only half That. Too many mysteries. Hard to trust people’s grading over the span of 2,000 records.
No way a bulk sale will fetch $15 per disc.
More like $5, as suggested above.
Sold on a table at sales, many titles will take years to shift.

Perhaps just stay home and listen?
pig in a poke other than the sealed ones.. too much risk

and what's with how they are displayed laying on their spines?
" what's with how they are displayed laying on their spines?"
I just now looked at that pic. I think it's actually a bin pic 90 degrees out?

That's going to be some dead inventory.

Did it not start of at 30k?
Now 28k.
Lets see how far he goes before listing ends........
The lot just isn't  an attractive deal. Not even for half.

This guys score looks much better. He has some serious Classical pieces mixed in with RI's.
He lives right down the road from me.   Will keep an eye out for that yard sale. 
Hope the seller can hold his breath for a loonnng  time before he can get anything near his reduced price.