This might just be the end of brick and mortar

stores. Music direct just announced there 60 day return policy.
I would like to share my experience with a 60 day return policy with a well known online speaker seller.
I ordered and paid for the speakers in June 2014. After about a 6 week wait for them to be built, I received the speakers about mid July 2014.

After a month, I decided they weren't for me. I requested a return. At this time I was asked about my amplifier. It is a very high end tube design...the speakers were designed with tubes in mind. Well I was told that the speakers did not really mate well my brand of amplifier. It was suggested I change my amp. Well this did not suit me as I like the amp and was not going to change it.

After a few more emails I was told I needed to WAIT the entire 60 days before returning??? I did that and finally returned them as new.
Weeks passed, I heard nothing. Got in touch with the email rep and the story was they had been busy with shows...etc. After several more emails, I finally got a refund to my credit card. This will be on the next statement...six months after the order was placed.
Long story, but buyer beware.
Taters, I disagree with your statement "That basically means you have 60 days to return product, no questions asked". From the Music Direct 60 day return policy, it states "We'll require an explanation for the return (defective, damaged, etc). " This is NOT a free demo as you infer.
This entire thread is based on a false premise.

Per Taters: "They are the one's offering the 60 day return policy. That's basically means you have 60 days to return product, no questions asked."

When I read the return policy, here's what I see: “Music Direct offers a 60-day money back guarantee on most equipment/accessories (excluding fluids, pastes, aerosols and special order items, none of which are returnable). We'll require an explanation for the return (defective, damaged, etc). Don't be surprised if we ask you some pretty detailed questions about the reason for your return.”

Taters, how you get "no questions asked" out of the return policy's actual language is beyond me.

Pmotz said it best earlier: "This policy is essentially a retailer "warranty", i.e., if the item was damaged in shipment or defective. I don't think the intent of the policy is to "demo" equipment for up to 60 days, you might have a tough time getting them to accept "I just don't like it" as your reason for returning a piece of equipment."

Nothing in the Music Direct return policy tells me that Music Direct has adopted The Cable Company model.
I have always interpreted MD's earlier 30-day policy as effectively an in-home demo, though I don't think I've ever tested it. My guess is the change to 60 days is to match Crutchfield. I doubt it will increase the volume of returns for them (30 days is generally enough to make a decision), but it may increase sales. Certainly makes me more inclined use them.
Mind sharing who the online speaker seller is?
I think this information is valuable for future buyers.