This place is getting sloooooooweeeerrr......

and slower. The mobile app seems fine. But regular access is slowing to a crawl.




I’m with the OP.  Slooooowwww.  My Mac is new.  My broadband is strong.  Everything else works great.  A-gon’s site has been a nightmare.  I stopped checking in as often as I’d like.  

"...I can't drive...55!"

I guess it's the stuff I play as 'background' shocks the server into leaving me be and In.... ;)

It’s not my provider. I am using the LAN at work, lightning fast. All other sites are fine. This one is slow to load the page and frequently tries to reload. A fresh reboot did nothing. There is definitely something going on, has only been this way a week or so for me.

maybe it i something with the security settings depending upon websites on your work Lan; running just fine at my cousin's casa where I am this week , and no issues before I left home

Speed is NOT my problem, I have 4 browsers and the ONLY one I can use wiht Audiogon's Forum is 'Brave'. One of the others I can't laod the page at all, two of the others I can't log in. It keeps sasying that I am either Not registered or using the Wrong password. Funny when I do log in on the others I am using the exact same user name and password.

By jre way I am IIT and Network ceritfied and can find No reson for this. BUt many sites do claim to have issues with the browsers I am using, but those same sites tell me to use IE, so I don't pay much attention to them.