Thomas Mayer preamps - the 6AH4 vs the more expensive 10Y

Hello. A question on Thomas Mayer preamps.

Has anyone heard both the entry level 6AH4 preamp and the more expensive 10Y preamp? What were the key differences that you noticed the most?

I'm interested to hear from anyone who has actually heard both.



I've never heard anything but praise for his audio components, and the build quality looks amazing.

You are paying for the external power supply-tube power supply

The usual responses apply for that.

By the looks of the product line-if you have to ask...

$80K for the top phonostage-perfect for a Techdas.

Phono preamplifiers by Thomas Mayer - VinylSavor - Thomas Mayer


I have not heard his products. But I DIY tube preamps and amps using very similar circuit and components.

In Thomas Mayer’s circuit, 10Y would be better than 6AH4, with a sound that’s more transparent and dynamic (btw this is the difference between DHT vs IDHT in general).

I expect the sonic difference to be quite noticeable in his offerings.