thorens 160 versions and cartridge recommendations

Hi All,
I've just ended up with a TD 160 with a tp 16 tonearm for next to nothing. I have been putting in some hours to clean, lube, polish and balance the machine and it now looks and runs well. I will likely do some of the analogdept suggested mods to dampen, replace the bottom panel and possibly rewire to rca terminals.
Two questions keep coming up: How can I determine what generation (MK) TP-16 that I have? I understand that the versions have dramatically different weights. I have searched the analogdept site and can't seem to find a place there or elsewhere that describes how to differentiate the various versions. If I can determine that I have a MK1 which is 16.5g, then what cartridge recommendations are there out there? I listen to all genres of music with a tube phono and pre and SS amp.
Lastly, any suggestions for where to source cardas tonearm wire and rca boards?
Very nice table, 2 sites any vintage Thorens owner should register on are the Analog Department and the Vinyl Engine
the Vinyl Engine has any of the relevant owners, service manuals and mounting templates and the Analog Department has an excellent Thorens area, between the two of these sites you'll find every bit of info you need.

You're right about the tonearms the Mk I TP 16 is a heavier mass arm the other versions are lighter there are at least 3 of these versions.

I'd advise learning to adjust the suspension and get the cartridge set up siting and footing all squared away before you set about to add any damping and even then go light it's extremely easy to damp the life and dynamics right out of these decks.
If its any help I am using ( Original mk1 TD160 )a Shure M91ED on mine and it works very well..Also have used Shure M55E and also works well ( a little brighter than the 91ED )...The Vintage Shure cartridges all seem to work quite well..I like them much better than the Grado Gold ...
You might consider determining which version of the TD160 you have, and unless someone changed the arm along the way that will likely tell you which version of the arm you have.

I have read that the original TD 160 MkI has a 10 mm platter bearing with a metal ball inserted into the end. The more recent TD 160 MkI bearing is also 10mm but it has no ball at the end of the shaft. The MkII has a 7 mm platter bearing.

You can get a fairly accurate idea of a tonearm's effective mass by installing a cartridge of known weight that also has a stylus guard. Put the stylus guard in the down position and remove the counterweight(s) from the arm. With a digital scale then measure the resulting downforce of the arm and subtract the weight of the cartridge to give you a close estimate of the effective mass. Hope this helps.