Thorens TD 150 super rebuild

So, this is my second 150 that I have taken on as a tweaked out build. The last one was really nice, however, as often as I do, I passed it along to an new owner who is using it today.

For this one I wanted to one up it. So I went with an Origin Live advanced motor and extended plinth. I have also used carbon fiber as a top plate and arm board, as well as, it other critical areas. I've really come to like the use of carbon fiber and have used it in my last 4 turntables with excellent results. I've also damped the chassis of the 150 using dynamat, which works great, too. 

I will be using a Grace G940 arm, with a custom cable I made and a carbon fiber head shell. I have a NOS Adcom cartridge that will be spinning on it but I imagine theat I will buy a Denon 103 and run it nude with a carbon fiber top plate. I made a few of these and all I can say is that it is my favorite way to spin the 103.

Anyway, I should have it all together by the weekend and have it up and running. It is like the day before Christmas.

Wish I knew how to post pictures but there are some over in my virtual syatem, for those interested.
Raymonda nice I checked out your pics looks fantastic! That carbon fiber really looks sharp. I bet that table sounds amazing, nice work.
Hey Ray, have any of the carbon fiber left over? Any interest in cutting a tonearm mounting board out of it and make a little $?
What table and tonearm do you need the board for?

I use 3mm pure carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is really easy to cut and can be bought using US vendors on ebay. You could use thicker than 3mm but I find 3mm is great for this purpose. 
A Townshend Rock Elite with a Zeta arm, Ray, which uses the Linn mounting distance. The table came with a pretty thin, stamped steel mounting plate, so I cut an armboard from a slab of 1/4" acrylic. Carbon Fiber would be even better, I imagine.