Thorens TD 160 or 126? Which better?

Hi All-
Ok, so a friend's family is doing a house clearance-and there are a couple of tables up for grabs-
Choice of a Thorens TD 160 or TD 126..Not sure if Mk1 2 or 3 though.
The 126 might have a Stanton cartridge as i recall... I have to verify they are in working order, but assuming both operate, what is the better deck?
I already have a nice table (but modern) and am intrigued if a Thorens would be a good back up...Which one to go for!!!?
Also a NAD 3120 available too..(I have a 320 BEE right now)
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seems to me there was a TD 160 Super as well which was supposed to be better

Grab the TD160 if its a Mk1. The TD 126 is quite complex and therefore more prone to drama. (tweaking, possible electronic failure & mechanical fussy operation, ect.) Besides, if the Td160 is a MK1 it will have a better bearing and platter than the TD126 which was made with alot of bells and whistles but not with high quality like the Td125's were before it.
Thanks to all-
I am not sure which TD 160-will check next time I get a chance...
It does seem like the complexity of the 126 could end up being expensive..(I really just wanted this as a back up to my Funk t/table ...)

Wonder if any of you know if there is a good knowledgable Thorens repair guy in Los Angeles who could give it the once over?