Thorens TD-166 MK VI 220V/50Hz to use with 110V/60

my Thorens TD-166 MK VI is 220V/50Hz. I have the proper power supply for 110V to 16 VAC but can't find a source for the proper motor pulley.

Therefore a few questions:

1) It seems that the white plastic motor pulley is fixed with a copper ring on the top? can the copper ring be removed to change the pulley? Is the pulley glued to the motor?

2) If the pulley can be changed does anyone knows a source where I can get a smaller/thinner pulley for 60Hz?

3) Alternatively: new motor 110V/60Hz; does anyone can recommend a source?

4) and lastly another thought: Would a European 220V/50Hz Speedbox work. I could use a transformer from 110V to 220V. Ignore the hum for now.