Thorens TD-316?

I am thinking of getting a second turntable for my office. My primary TT at home is a VPI Aries / JMW Memorial / Lyra Delos. I'm going for simplicity and musicality for a price range under $400. I was considering going vintage and getting a used but fully serviced Thorens TD-316. Anyone with experience with this TT? Thanks!
The deal unfortunately fell through the floor, as another buyer beat me out to the turntable. No problem, though, I decided to pick up a used Rega P25, which I'm greatly enjoying!
I'm using a TD-316 with a Thorens RDC Platter. Still trying to decide if I like the Grado Red or Shure M97xE as a match. Very happy for the price as I have about $500 in the kit.
My TD-316 is now 30 years old and still working perfect and sounds really great for the price. It is like 1/30 the price of my main table but it really is a fun table to hear.