Thorens TD125 MKI vs MKII

Can someone tell me the difference between these two TD125 models? Which is perceived better and why?
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I'd check over at vinyl engine or Analog Dept. websites or call Artisan Fidelity and ask. If memory serves me correctly, the speed control boards were upgraded on the 125 Mk2 models and they also offered the Thorens tp tonearm with these models. The Mk1 I don't believe came with a tonearm from the factory, but the Mk2 did. The bearings were a little different also from what I gather but am not sure how to be honest with you. There were more similarities between the variants than differences, that much I am sure of. If you are looking at trying one out, I think either should be a safe bet as long as the table its self is in good condition.
Thanks Jeremy72. I have checked viynl engine and the Analog Dept. Yes I believe what you write corresponds with what I read. In addition, there seemed to be something about the boards being a little different and the MKII maybe easier to repair. I am going to give Chris a call. I am a sprung table kind of guy and am looking serously at the Artison TT. It looks like art. I have never heard one but I can only imageing matched with a good cart. and arm it would sound heavenly.
You're welcome. While you are looking at the Ariston you might want to also consider just going for a nice Linn LP12 with an upgraded plinth and some restorative work done. I think that the better know early Ariston's models were almost exact copies of the LP12 and in my mind I would rather invest in the real thing, unless I got an Ariston for next to nothing.