Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?

There have been successful singers in almost any style that realistically did not have a "golden" voice.  Perhaps guilty pleasures.  Who are yours?


@sns agreed if your referring to Janis Joplin

can’t believe she hadn’t been mentioned yet.…or I missed it.

But I digress…the question is a bad voice whom you DO like…😂

Did someone really say "Moody Blues"? Many of my favorites don’t sing as much as they talk. Two that come to mind are Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, although I have nearly every album, CD or cassette either have ever made. Yes, I am a fan!

The top of my list is Billie Holiday.  Her singing makes me want to slit my wrists. Michael McDonald too, he had no business with a microphone.

The voices that come to mind for me have already been repeatedly listed here. I was surprised to see Roy Orbison's voice listed. He wouldn't have made my list. Nevertheless, the thread has got me thinking perhaps there really is no such thing as a bad voice. Talent can make use of whatever is available.