Thought Dr. John's cd 'Afterglow' is terriffic.

What are 6 favorite's of his cd's that are as good ?
Who has a similar sound to him as well ?
Thanks in advance.
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Creole Moon is fantastic

why not splurge on the 2 cd best of
Mo Scosus (or something like that) on Rhino

I live in New Orleans and the Dr is always in the house

Two of my favorite Dr. John's cd's are:

Dr John Plays The Music of Mac Rebennack

Goin' Back To New Orleans
I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with "Mac" at my friends studio when he was promoting the "Television" album. Fantastic piano player! his brother was with him and told me he was even a better guitar player until he shot the tip of his finger off! He did "you lie to much" in the studio for the pro mo. Got pics of him , my buddy (now deceased) and myself at the mixing board. Great times, and what a gentleman. He is a really nice guy. Sorry, this thread brought back some memories. Tom G