Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube

This gentleman has stirred up some controversy in the audio world over on YouTube. I personally, find him very interesting.  What are your thoughts?


I moved on from him and OCD Mikey very quickly. Both can be entertaining, but   Their schtick got old really fast.

+1 @curtdr 

I too look for that certain value proposition in equipment that stretches far past the price point, and Randy has brought some very well designed components and speakers into mind’s eye. He also encourages the diy journey as a means to kits that challenge many makes that are double/triple the price. 

Personally, I’ve heard very expensive setups, in thoughtfully treated rooms that sound amazing. But then have taken the time to put together a comparatively modest system in a small room - with careful attention to positioning and treatment-that sounds so good to me, I could easily enjoy what I’ve got over those other systems. There are so many factors to a good system when considering synergy, voicing, music you prefer…it can be dizzying. But Randy is among those that takes many of those concerns into account to bring a great experience to anybody. 

All that said, my upgrade bug does still bite me, and my current setup goes above price from a lot of what her reviews! However, I’m still considering speaker kits thanks to his taking the time to demonstrate his experience with them 🙏🏼



As many have already mentioned, I think you need to consider his channel from the perspective of his target demographic... if you do, you'll be able to appreciate the value he brings to the hobby.

I disagree with the suggestions that he should spend time reviewing or listening to higher end/reference/end-game gear because it wouldn't provide any value to his followers... if anything it would be a disservice. Imagine if Edmunds only carried reviews for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, and Maclaren, etc. The average Joe would have a hard time knowing if Ford, Toyota or Honda have any redeeming qualities ... all the while being constantly reminded of all the great features they are missing out on. The vast majority of us have a budget and there is probably gear that we would love to try but can't afford. Imagine if that unobtainable gear was the only gear being reviewed... it would be really frustrating. 

People like Randy help the average Joe understand how they can get the best performance out of their budget. Just like people are able to upgrade their car, scotch, wine, and food preferences as their budget increases, so it is with audio equipment. Randy is helping people traverse the lower end gear so they can be more informed and enjoy the hobby the best they can.


I have owned Klipsch Heresy and Forte's, Buchardt's, Focal, two Zu's and the NSMT 100's are end game no upgrade needed and justified unless you spend $20K and up to get better sound. I love playing with this stuff just saying my speaker search is over and holy toledo are they fracking amazing!  Now I just play with electronics.  

Best JH

I've watched him near the beginning of his channel's launch. He does a good job just evaluating gear based on what he hears. Most of it sub-$1000 stuff, but he occasionally does "better" items like the Wharfedale Linton, ELAC Uni-Fi, KLH Model 5, Klipsch Heresy, Denafrips Ares 2, Tekton Lore, source gear like iFi Zen stuff, Fluance turntables, cartridges in the $200 to $300 range, etc. 

He does cater to people starting out on this journey and that can be a good thing. Everyone has to start somewhere and many won't spend $5000 or more on a system for their first rodeo. 

My only complaint is that for a while he was hung up on cheap Chinese Class D amps suitable mainly for use on a desktop (if at all).

Do note that his own "real" system consists of vintage McIntosh, so there is that.