Thoughts? - First Watt F8 / Vandersteen Treo's

Always have been interested in the Treo's after hearing these at a friends.  I have run across a lightly used pair but it seems to me looking at the specs these are not a good fit with my First Watt F8.  The F8 being a Class A puts out 25 W - 8ohms.  The Vandersteen site shows a minimum of 40W into 8 ohms and sensitivity of 85 db.  First glance tells me that this is likely not a solid combination.  Thoughts? 


When Atkinson measured the original Treo he found relatively benign impedance but sensitivity of 82.5dB that was even lower than the stated 85dB spec.  I wouldn’t drive those speakers with your amp.

That amp will not cope well with very hard to drive Vandersteen speakers.   I would echo Soix's POV exactly.  Those speakers need a bit more oomph.  

I had Vandersteen 5a for many years. Unfortunately, not enough power. All the Vandersteen’s have about the same sensitivity.

Thanks Gents!  Always good to have someone smarter than me to run this type of information by.  Leaning towards the Volti Razz which seems to be one to the top matches for the F8.