Thoughts? - First Watt F8 / Vandersteen Treo's

Always have been interested in the Treo's after hearing these at a friends.  I have run across a lightly used pair but it seems to me looking at the specs these are not a good fit with my First Watt F8.  The F8 being a Class A puts out 25 W - 8ohms.  The Vandersteen site shows a minimum of 40W into 8 ohms and sensitivity of 85 db.  First glance tells me that this is likely not a solid combination.  Thoughts? 


While the sensitivity of Vandersteen speakers is usually in the 80s, as someone said, their an easy load. Bring your amp to your friend's house. Also, give Vandersteen a call. They'll likely put you on the phone with Richard and he'll tell you what he thinks. For what it's worth, I rad a pair of Model IICe with a 35 wpc harmon Kardon Receiver from the late 70s and it did the job. 

@charles1dad no it was an older model that we repaired it has a 520 tube if I recall correctly.  The amp is not made any longer but on the Vandy Sevens, WOW!  It lit them up.

The Vandy's do not need power and the First Watt will work just fine until you get a better amplifier.  I have a clone of a First Watt but no time to test it out plus the clone is a better amplifier.

Unless people have the speakers, they will never no what amp will really work. I have Sevens, 5As and have used our amps on 2s, 3s and Quattros.  Plus as I already mentioned, zero feedback designed amplifiers are what you need to look for.

Happy Listening.

What you will not get with the F8 on that speaker is real dynamic swing. Yes, it might sound good tonally, but those speakers deserve more power. I base this opinion from someone going from a FirstWatt M2 (25W) to Quicksilver Mono 120s (120W) on 85dB Dynaudios. The M2 sounds fantastic, but the 120s sound way more dynamically alive...simply no contest.

I hope you don't have issues with the F8.  More power is a lot more money.  The F8 drops to 15 w 4ohms.

Vandersteens are a little on the warm side. Bright tubes or Solid State 100+. Audio Research for tubes and Ayre for solid state are both very popular combinations. I recommend asking same question at the Vandersteen forum. It's an active a passionate group. You'll get lots of great suggestions.