Thoughts from Joule preamp owners?

There hasn't been much chat lately about Joule preamps, so any thoughts from experienced owners, good, bad, or indifferent? Thanks in advance.
I have to say I have been listening to the Platinum upgrade to my Joule LAP-150SE for a couple of months now. It is money well spent. I am very happy with my sound. Of course I have made lots of changes moving into my dedicated room with acoustic panels on the walls and bass traps in the corners and using dedicated isolated power. I believe the sound is a definite step up.
Hi Coxhaus. The Platinum upagrde is very substantial technical improvment and had great effect on the sound in my system. For example, highs while not more extended became much more resolved and....seductive. Three-dimensionality noticeably increased etc

All The Best
Hello iSanchez,

Sorry, I could not reply to your e-mail earlier. I will ask Simon Thacher of Joule-Electra send you description. They do not advertise it on web site in mistaken belief that people cannot afford very high quality audio (which is expensive) and offer "Platinum" only to their friends, family , whatever - not to general public.

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