Thoughts on A/V receivers

Has anyone a recommendation for a A/V receiver for one of my rooms. I am looking at the Yamaha rx-v2600, Pioneer Vsx-72txv, one of the new Integra or Marantz which doesn't have anything close to the Pioneer currently.
I used to deal in Paradigm in the past. I would recommend the better sounding, higher current, Harmon Kardons (or even Outlaw/Denon)with those personally. Sound is everything for audio gear! Would you agree?
for what it's worth, i'm happy with my onkyo 702. it has all the watts you will ever need for the 5 surround channels. just use a seperate amp of your liking for your mains.
I've heard, sold, and installed the Pioneers. The flagship is ok, but not as good as the other competition on it's own, sonically. The entry level Pioneers?....I would pass personally. Again, better sonics on entry level HK's, Denon's, Outlaw, for the lower priced stuff. You're talking more body, weight, current delivery, and refinement on these over the Pioneer.