Thoughts on an older REL sub?

I am about to get a REL Q201E sub to integrate with Vandersteen 2ci speakers. Currently I am using a HSU STF-2 and does it job but I would like to try something different. Also I would be going from ported to sealed. Any thought on this model? Thanks

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I agree with @noromance . I would only add that the older Rels were underpowered for large rooms. The Rel Storm lll had a 150 watt amp whereas the newer ones have much larger amps, IE 550 for the S-5. 

Thanks for the responses. @jjss49. Yes the Q201E might be a old I am able to get it in good condition.  

@highend64 REL are extremely different.

You might want to take advantage of the companies in home demonstration period. 

Richard Edmund Lord (REL) termed his products Sub-Bass systems as they are -6dB at their rated low frequency, even today. This dramatic low frequency roll off allows for greater room placement flexibility as they do not excite the rooms standing wave bass modes.

Compared to your current subwoofer they can not provide the delicate subsonic presentation regardless of how many are used. There’s a chance you may find this to be a difference your interested in.

Look into the REL trial period offer for a better in home comparative understanding of their differences.

If you haven’t already done so, I’m an avid proponent of using the subwoofer crawl to locate a rooms bass modes to position your current subwoofer in, then recalibrate.